Company Start Up

Starting up a new company can be a traumatic and costly experience. Implementing the necessary technology at an affordable cost can be a difficult balance to achieve.

Our consultants and engineers have the skills, knowledge and experience to guide and advise you through the decision making process in all areas ranging from cabling and networking, to hardware and software selection, to IT training and even disaster recovery.

ISYS can offer SMEs a complete business Start Up package tailored to individual requirements. We are also happy to offer elements in isolation. By taking the time to understand your business goals and requirements, ISYS aims to help you achieve business success by removing IT from the business critical path.  Your success is our success!

Contact Us and we will arrange for one of our Relationship Managers to meet with you and discuss your requirements.



- Hints and Tips

- Virus Information

- Application & Update

- Desktops

- Servers



- Support Solutions

- Key Person Cover